My Journey Towards No Coffee. NOT!

Anybody who is a mom could probably understand the need to constantly feed on coffee. That includes me. MOMBIE are some of the terms they call it. I was so hooked up on coffee that I needed one once I wake up in order for me to operate. By that RM 13 gone every morning to Starbucks and its taking its toll on my pocket. I’ve been trying to persuade my husband to get me those fancy coffee maker which you can grind your own coffee bean and brew your own expresso to make it to a nice cup of hot latte. That beast cost a lot I tell ya. About RM2000 – RM3000.

PROCAFFEINATING! I scoffs (soft humour). Get it? Get it…is the word I learn today from my Aunty Ana which means, the tendency of not to start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee! In case you still didn’t get the joke, it is related to the word procrastination which means delaying an action and giving 1001 excuses. Haha. But that is exactly how I feel! I won’t operate until I get one. Its like a drug. Before coffee my mind and body won’t be in tune and sync to my operative motors.

However last month, I decided for a change. It wasn’t health issue that was the main cause of my biggest motivation to stop feeding on coffee but it was because of my skin problem! haha.. Yes. I’m so vain. But yes..I have been having really really bad breakouts and who would have thought at the age of 34 you still get bad breakouts like when you are in high school. This is the worse breakouts so far and its really really bugging me. There are a lot of factors contributing to it. Stress, hormone imbalance and food intake. I also notice the side effects that I am feeling. Body aching, stress, sluggish so something has to be done.

There is a saying “You are what you eat” and I couldn’t agree more on this statement. To deal with my stress and sluggish issue, I enroll to gym. I notice that I was always angry all the time perhaps I was tired. So I need to find an outlet to let go of this stress. The body really feels great after a good workout and also I notice that I’m not so short tempered after that. For my skin problem, I try to cut down sugar in my drinks. No sweet drinks and I try to eat less oily food and main thing no coffee. I consulted doctors and clarify whether coffee a problem for this breakouts but the doctor says coffee have no contribution fo breakouts. However coffee plus milk is another thing. So I tried to stop and see the effect.

Day 1 – Struggling!! Goshhhh!! I’m craviiiiinngggg really bad for coffee! My body aches and I feel so sluggish, sleepy and tired. This is where coffee plays an important part but I fight those temptations and thus I succeeded no coffee on Day 1. Moreover maybe the work out is also the contributing factor of me being tired. The body is still adjusting. Skin condition – pimples are still popping!

Day 2 – Still craving for it and body is still resisting. Still feeling tired, sleepy and sluggish. Bear in mind during this time I was exercising and cutting sugar on my drinks as well. I guess the body is adjusting. Skin condition – no improvements.

Day 3 – Still craving for coffee, body still feels tired but not sleepy. Perhaps body is still tired from workout and no sugar is also a contributing factor.

Day 4 – Body still tired but not sleepy but such an improvement. I don’t feel sluggish. Skin condition – Still having pimples.

Day 5 – What an improvement! I did an intensive workout this morning and it feels soooooooo goooooood!!!!!! But still craving for coffee.

Day 8 – My body feels more and more better without coffee and exercising really helps a lot as well. However to satisfy the craving I just had about 3/4 cup of latte. In order to change you must do it gradually not drastically otherwise you will go back to where you started.

Day 15 – I had a latte – grande size – It tasted yucky. Since I’m off from sugar as well when I drink sweet drinks I notice I will get headaches and body aches. Since I have succeeded 2 weeks without coffee, my body really feels great I think i should continue that way. The benefits of not having coffee is way more than the cons. I save money. Otherwise I will spent about RM 7-13 everyday to buy coffee at Starbucks, Mcd or Costa. Skin condition hmmm well, doesn’t improve much but since I’m exercising its starting to get its glow back.

So just when I decided to cut down coffee, suddenly my husband came back home with this!!

To summarize, my journey towards no coffee is a total blow out! Now my husband makes my coffee every morning and it tasted way better than the coffee you buy outside. Smooth and rich. However if you mommies are having the same problem like me e.g. feeling tired, sluggish, mad i recommend you to go exercise and also eat right. It really have a significant effect. I feel so much better, healthier, moods are also getting a lot better and try to reduce sugar especially in your drinks.

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