First Day of School

Well HELLO 2019! Its time to go back to school kids. For 2019, its a whole new chapter for the kids. New school, new friends and new environment for both of them. Arissa is going for primary 1 this year and this really breaks my heart. Time really do fly so fast. I’m sure a lot of you feel so touched when your kids turn to primary 1. It’s like they have embarked on the adulthood. Suddenly you are feeling like it seems only yesterday that you’ve held your baby in your arms, sitting on your lap, singing them lullaby, putting them to sleep and now they have all grown up. I didn’t really feel it when she was in kindergarten. But when she put on her school uniform today all smiling and feeling all excited there was this overwhelm feeling. A feeling that somehow or rather you are not ready to let go. A feeling that you can’t believe that time has past so quickly. Please don’t grow up so fast! But that’s life. For the pass few days before she went to school, I Iook at her with admiration, thinking how tall she’d grown and how pretty she turn out to be. I pray with all my heart that she will turn out to be a good muslim and a successful person. I’m sure all parents feel the same.

We arrived school a little early about 12:30pm. When we arrived, a lot of parents have already begun to send off their children. I could see a lot of excited parents especially for year 1 student. Overall nothing hanky panky stories like previous year where kids crying and got stuck in chair and what not. Haha. That is really something. I guess kids have gotten mature and use to going to school since most parents nowadays are working. Overall from my observation the kids are all quite excited. From the orientation, the children have been designated to their classes. So it was quite a smooth process. Arissa was placed in Kelas 1 for the transition process. I can see that she make friends quite easy. No trouble on her part.

NOW, the trouble I had was with the other child. This one! #ciksalmah!!! She already gave me a hard time during #cikesah orientation day. During that day, i was defeated. 3 kids against 1. Let alone i need to handle Arissa’s school registration, that was some major task (queuing amongst hundred of people while carrying #ciksalmah, filling up forms, payments, documents requirements etc etc), Emir asking to go toilet, hungry and thirsty and on the other hand #ciksalmah pulling her stunts at the most inappropriate time! I went gorilla that day! haha. And it happened again today. She’s like a wild goose wanting to be free. Running here and there. Climbing stages. While the chase is ongoing, mama was behind her ready to catch and on max speed she suddenly stop and join the Darjah 3 kakak. Sabaaaarrrr jelaaahhh!! Luckily this time bapak is around so my inner beast was viable tame. You just need to wait for your turn little lady. Just a couple more years okay.

Well well, how did #saripdol looked like on his first day of school? Tadaaaaaaa! How do i look like? Do i look handsome? New school for Emir and this year without his sister with him. So far so good. So happy at school. When i asked him how was school, he replied it was fun mama! I’m so glad to hear that. People who knows Emir knows that he is not one of the best english talking person. It was so funny hearing him talking english with his cousin Irfan from UK. Bak kata org melayu, cakap english berhabuk laah tapi ada ku kesah? haha..However after the first day of school at his new school suddenly Emir becomes like Mr. Johnny English. Speaking London all the way. When i replied in Malay, he corrected me. Hey! Talk in english! Haiyaaahh this one funny man.

Overall this is the story of their first day at school. Hows yours??

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